Aleksandr Porfiryevich Borodin (1833-1887) ‒ eminent Russian chemist and outstanding composer

Aleksander Sztejnberga


In this article, a literature concerning A.P. Borodin’s life and his activity as the chemist and composer has been reviewed. Special attention has been paid to the references to his life and achievements in chemistry in 1881 – 2012 as well as his chemical work published between 1858 and 1886. Literature review was supplemented with: 1) description of the selected facts from Borodin’s life; 2) acquaintance of the readers with the selected authors of his biography, and 3) description of the Borodin’s premature death causes.

Palabras clave

A.P. Borodin; organic chemistry; Borodin’s chemical achievements; music; Russia; XIX century

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